Alhyange places great importance on acoustic research and development so as to improve comfort levels and to further increase our know-how in the field. Our acoustics research department takes part in standards-setting committees. Furthermore, our OPQIBI qualification is a guarantee of the quality of our services. We also invest 10% of our turnover in research and development.

S30D Committee

Alhyange participates in the S30D committee in the context of monitoring the NF S 31-080 standard of January 2006 regarding offices and related spaces. We are participating in the workplace confidentiality project currently being devised.

Sustainable development

Our research department is following the sustainable development approach in collaboration with AFNOR, CRITT and ADEME. This approach, set out in the AFNOR SD 21000 guide, firstly involves an audit, then a commitment to improve our activity and to do our utmost to satisfy the sustainable development criteria: social fairness, economic efficiency and preserving the environment.

Acoustical silencers attenuation

Alhyange is participating in the study of low-frequency acoustical silencer attenuation, with sets of laboratory tests for selected theoretical cases. The adjoining graph shows the attenuation improvements obtained for silencers of identical dimensions (diameter, length, baffle and air outlet thickness) but with different types of baffle.

Close cooperation with schools

We work in close cooperation with educational establishments such as the Marseille School of Mechanics, Centrale Lyon or even Jussieu University by taking in engineering interns to examine various subjects such as the internal acoustics of large volumes, acoustic silencers, environmental studies (wind farms, etc…).